STILL DYNAMICS CHI KUNG is the practice of subtle internal connections of the body. It offers ways to understand how body, mind and breathing are intimate related. The research and strengthening of the human core is done in still postural training. The further deepening and testing of the core with the help of in slow and repetitious movements. The application of it all is through fast and intuitive moves, which uses all the bodily and mental resources.   

Chi kung is a method to rediscover well-being, as well as recover and rehabilitate. The foundation lays in deep relaxation, first in lying down postures practiced in a safe environment. After that a whole sequence of postures and movements will follow. Deep relaxation and inner connectedness can thus be practiced under more demanding circumstances. The training will develop a rare mixture of relaxation and strength, which soon will be integrated in daily life. 

Parallel on the way of health there is the development of martial art skills. Instead of learning forms, which maybe empty, the martial abilities are again developed from the very core. A circle expanding form its midpoint. Deep relaxation and interconnectedness needs to be maintained under higher and unexpected pressures and challenges. The simple practice of standing postures open the way for a marvelous development of martial art. 


The CHI KUNG LIBRARY encompasses many aspects of chi kung practice, an in-depth method of energy management. Its content emphazises the strengthening of health and immunity, but is also offers a firm foundation for martial application. The Chi Kung Library consists of:

1. Ground Level
2. Structure Level
3. Chi Level

4. Integration Level
5. Da Cheng Chuan
6. Background